Why Construction Law Is Important

You know a lot of times people say oh this is my brother this is a good friend this is someone I worked with for a long time and it often, in the end, those are also the people who can cause some of the most friction.

I grew up in the construction industry every summer I spent with my dad on his construction crew. Being the gofer, measure twice cut once always a big rule. Construction lies my passion in part because that’s where I grew up that’s what I understand. My experience is that if you take a contract and you deal with all the issues upfront you’re going to solve a lot of the problems. You know you and I will never remember what our agreement was exactly the same way. It’s human nature to put our own personalities and our own ideas and things.

When a problem arises that you can go back to the contract and say well this is how we said we were going to resolve the problem ninety-nine percent of time the problems resolved because people can look at the writing and say oh yeah that’s what we agreed to do. Usually, the parties aren’t too far apart, and finding that solution or finding a creative way to solve the differences between the parties is it’s what the law really is all about.

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